Why Hire a Professional Building Designer?

Why Hire a Professional Building Designer?

Because the cost of a Professional Building Designer can actually save you more on your project than the design fee… how about that?

Here are some supporting reasons for the previous statement:

1.   A good set of plans eliminate the need for on the fly decisions; decisions that can have unintended consequences further in down the road during the building process. A Building Designer is well aware of the pitfalls a homeowner can fall into while building their Dream Home.

Which way a door swings may not seem like a big deal until you are signing an expensive change order to reverse the hinge side of the door…a window location effects not only the interior of a room but the exterior of your home as well. A Professional Building Designer can show you your options on paper and explain the reasoning for different choices so you can make informed decisions long before that window or door is installed. Therefore, you are prepared for the actual construction of your home.

2.  Structural choices can impact the installation of the plumbing, electrical, HVAC systems. Figuring these things out takes time, and lots of it. A skilled professional is well aware of these needs and will be able to guide you through these decisions with ease.

3.  Building Codes are typically complex texts that are difficult for those outside the building industry to understand. When drawings are submitted to the building commission for plan review, a plans examiner checks your plans and issues a revision notice to address any variances from the current codes and construction standards.

A Professional Building Designer will have up-to-date knowledge of building codes that can get building projects through the permit process with minimal revisions. Since each revision takes time to be completed, having fewer revisions will allow you to get your permit faster. Low-quality or incomplete documents can delay your construction. Hiring a building designer will help ensure that your project meets relevant codes and drawing requirements making the permit process progress smoothly.

4. Professional Building Designers have a sense of design and attention to detail. Your designer will translate your needs and wants into beautifully functional spaces. Good designers are quintessential three-dimensional thinkers and can use their abilities to find special opportunities in a design that might not easily be understood in two-dimensional drawings.

They approach any design issue based on the practical, functional and economical solutions that will best fulfill your requirements, while translating these factors into a concept that works and looks nice.

Talk with almost anyone who’s ever tried to do a construction project without professional help, and you’ll likely hear one statement over and over again: “I wished I had hired a designer.” Even in smaller projects, like a one-room remodel, once you open up those walls, situations arise for which only an experienced professional can apply his or her creative problem solving to save time and money

And, again, the point here is that the additional cost for a quality design team can mean big savings in the long run.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”
~ Benjamin Franklin